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Review: All the Colors of Love by Jessica Freely

All The Colors Of Love Title: All the Colors of Love by Jessica Freely
Genre: M/M Romance, Science Fiction
Published September 12th 2013 by Harmony Ink
Length: 240 pages

Rating: 4 Stars
Review Copy Provided by Author

It sucks being the son of a super villain. At home, Harry spends half of his time getting medical treatments and the other half tied up in his father's underwater lair. It was different when his mother was alive, but she disappeared when Harry was six. He can't seem to stay out of trouble at school, and his new roommate, Antonin, thinks he’s a spaz, but somehow Harry has to find a way to stop his father's evil plans.

Antonin Karganilla wants to become a comic book artist, but other than that, being gay is the most normal thing about him. His uncle is an aquatic plant man, his aunt is a molecular biologist back from the dead, and his mom is an overprotective pain in the butt. Antonin's in boarding school and it's starting to look like he and this Harry kid might have a lot in common... and that means a whole new set of problems.

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Harry, a delinquent, moves to a new school and becomes Antonin's roommate. As they grow closer together, they turn into pawns for Harry's father. The villain's real target is in Antonin's home. When Harry decides to spend his school break at there, he sets his father's plan of destroying Antonin's family into motion.

The book has a slow beginning to build the main characters' personalities. However, the characters seem alienated from each other and themselves. It's like they live in a bubble and the only contact they have with the other characters is by phone and then they slowly open up their bubbles to let each other in. It may have been necessary to show how the MCs meet at the school, but the story really picks up when they are at Antonin's home with his family.

I love how the couple shares a love for superheros and there are many superhero references in the book. Antonin draws superhero comics and Harry help direct the action scenes with his expertise in fighting. However, I didn't understand how Antonin's ex-boyfriend fit into the story, but he's mentioned a lot. Harry seems to be depressed and suicidal even though he's physical strong and have this I-don't-care-about-you attitude. I only get bits and pieces of each character before everything comes together and start making sense when the MCs get to Antonin's home.

I love the other supporting characters in the story, especially Tumcari, a plant-human hybrid. He's the calm and supportive person that everyone goes to for a crying shoulder. There's enough back-story about how he was made and his mother that I can connect and sympathize with him. All the characters have unique personalities and struggles. When their home shatters (literally), they help and sustain each other to rebuild their world. They all come from horrible pasts but they can share about them and carry their emotional baggage.

I'm not used to reading sci-fi so some things just seem too weird to me. However, I really enjoy the book once things start picking up. I love how the story threads come together perfectly, builds into an amazing conflict, and finishes with a mind boggling resolution (in a good way). In the end, I even connected with the villain of the story. I feel for him whenever he has moments where he seems human. I would definitely recommend this for those who like science fiction, memorable characters, and lots of kick ass hero-villain action.

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