Thursday, September 5, 2013

Review: Challenging Fate by Renee Stevens

Challenging FateTitle: Challenging Fate by Renee Stevens
Genre: M/M Romance, Fantasy 

Published July 10th 2013 by Renee Stevens
Length: 76 pages

Rating: 3 Stars

Maki waited years to discover what dragon spirit the fates gifted him with. He anticipated his first flight, his parents at his side, as he launched himself into the sky for the first time. Best of all, one day he'd find his mate and spend the rest of his life with someone by his side. Unfortunately for him, things didn't go exactly as he'd always planned.

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The Warrior Dragon clan ostracizes Maki when he turns into a Blue dragon, fated to bring destruction and madness. When he finally ventures out of clan lands, he chances upon a dragon held captive by a sadistic wizard. 

The romance between the MCs was okay. I didn't particular care for either of them. I especially didn't like Cyan/Maki's character. He survived some terrible emotional traumas, became independent and tough, killed the wizard in cold blood (I personally think this scene was overkill and serves no purpose in the story), but talks about himself in a really self-depreciating tone. I wished we knew how Cyan integrates into Ryder's clan and become part of a group when he was an outcast for so long. That would make an interesting sequel!

The society of dragon shifters and their colors representations are nice ideas and concepts in the story. Although these ideas are not unique. I've read some original fanfictions online that have similar story lines. I wish there was more worldbuilding in the story. I want to know what other mythical creatures are there, how do the societies co-exist, how did those power-limiting crystals came to be, and what exactly does a dragon healer do. 

It's a HFN ending and it's short. There's no conclusion that provides an explanation to why Blue dragons are hated and to any of the legends mentioned in the story, just that they were false. 

Overall, the story was a fast and enjoyable read about dragon shifters. 

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