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Review: On Call: Afternoon by P.D. Singer

On Call: Afternoon Title: On Call: Afternoon by P.D. Singer
Series: On Call
Genre: M/M Romance, Contemporary
Published February 2010 by Rocky Ridge Press
Length: 26 pages

Rating: 4 Stars

New single doctor in town, Keith Hoyer, gets plenty of interest, but is it for himself, the M.D.after his name, or what they think is in his wallet? The patients, of course, are strictly off limits. Each night he goes home to his big, gray tabby cat, Harpo, and unfulfilled dreams.

Then he opens the door to his exam room to find hunky veterinarian Dante James, with whom he’d rather play doctor than treat professionally. Too shy to approach the man, Keith needs Harpo to play matchmaker.

Bonus Story On Call: Cat Clinic

Keith would rather accompany his veterinarian lover Dante on a pro bono day at an animal shelter than spend his Sunday alone. Amid the cages of kitties, Keith discovers how many ways a man can lose his heart.

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This is two short stories in one book. Dante and Keith both have a cat and a career in the medical field. When Dante come to the examination room at the hospital, Keith tries to act professionally and treat the patient rather than act on his attraction. Dante returns the favor when Keith's cat, Harpo, gets injured. They decide to give their relationship a try and their first challenge as a couple is surviving a day at the cat clinic.

Overall, I find both stories to be realistic and simple reads. I appreciate the details on the medical practices and cats. They make the characters very realistic and mature. The cats really play a major role as matchmaker for this couple. I love the sweet and awkward start of their relationship and the cute confession on why Keith likes Dante. I definitely want to more read about these two characters. This is perfect story for cat lovers on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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