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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Selkie's Song by Clare Austin

Here's another giveaway and blog tour. I'm hosting plenty of the blog stops next month so be on the lookout!

Giveaway: Clare will be awarding a print (US only) or digital copies (international) of the first two books in the series, Butterfly and Angel's Share to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

Title: Selkie's Song by Clare Austin
Series: Fadó Trilogy Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published June 25 2013
Length: 271 pages

They call her Selkie. Muireann O'Malley often felt she was born of the sea but refuses to let sentimentality stand in the way of her crusade to protect the shore she has wandered since a small child. A patch of West Clare, Ireland, and a derelict building are all that stand between the cliffs she loves and the callous grip of progress.

Tynan Sloane should be content with success, but a dream beckons. O'Fallon's Pub in historic downtown Boston is for sale and Tynan wants to make it his. An unexpected inheritance of land in the west of Ireland could provide the financing he needs. He doesn't expect his quick trip to sell the land to rekindle youthful passion.

 Fifteen years ago, they had an adolescent crush. Now disparate ambition and a legend as old as Ireland herself stand between them. Will love and myth collide to bring them together or tear them apart?

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Exclusive Excerpt: 

The sea shone silver in the noon sunlight. Tynan felt the magnetic pull toward the edge of the sheerlimestone drop. He knelt and then lay stretched out on his stomach and let his eyes scan the striations in therock. Using his jacket as a pillow he rested his head on the fragrant turf. A horseshoe-shaped strand lay below.The incoming tide curled and caressed the megaliths that stood like sentinels at either edge.

Tynan’s eyelids felt heavy. The guillemots and grey-backed gulls called from their homes in the caverns and ledges and lulled him into a jet-lagged stupor.

He woke to a soft intonation. It must have been the wind. Through sleep-blurred vision, Tynan caught a

glimpse of a seal frolicking beyond the waves that licked like lazy tongues at the beach. A dark brown head would appear and, just as quickly, be gone. Ty thought he imagined it. But it was not unusual to observe the graceful pinniped with a friendly face in this part of Ireland.

This must have been a young harbor seal, as the pelt was dark, almost black. He was mesmerized as it

swam closer, into the shallows. Ty’s body was exhausted but he didn’t want to give in to sleep and

miss the playful aquatic ballet. Stealthy fingers of mist blurred and teased his vision. His mind begged for the healing balm of slumber. He fought the overpowering need to close his eyes.

A voice awakened him from a sleep so deep it left him disoriented. The sweet notes of a song hung in the salt air. This tune he’d not heard before seemed to come from a dimension beyond the bounds of earth. A sleek nymph, born of the waves, swam with languid strokes toward the sandy rim of the sea. She stepped as lightly as a cat onto the shore below, caught his gaze, and shook the water from her limbs. Sable eyes were guileless as she licked salt water from her lips.
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Adina Falling
A word about the author...

Clare Austin submitted her first manuscript to a publisher at the age of eight years. She wishes she still had that rejection letter.

Many years and not a few stories later, with characters knocking at the inside of her cranium and begging to be released, Clare’s romantic comedy, Butterfly, was published. There followed a suspenseful sequel, Angel’s Share, and Hot Flash, a women’s fiction/romance for mature

women and the men who love them.

Clare lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and enjoys her horses, playing her violin, and traveling to Ireland every summer.

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Clare will be awarding a print (US only) or digital copies (international) of the first two books in the series, Butterfly and Angel's Share to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. So be sure to leave a comment!

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