Friday, October 4, 2013

Giveaway! Appetite: Bundle by Talya Andor

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Title: Appetite by Talya Andor
Series: Appetite
Genre: M/M Romance, Contemporary
Published August 20 2013 by Less Than Three Press
Length: 658 pages

Appetite is a compilation of the three novels in the Appetite story, A Cut Above the Rest, The Competitive Edge, and Surfeit for the Senses.

Alex always had it easy growing up, indulged by loving, but busy parents as he flitted from one interest to another without settling. Then he discovered the world of fine dining and became determined to be a chef capable of producing such magnificent meals. Despite the doubts of a father who limited his funds, and the difficulties of leaving Germany to live in the United States, Alex stuck to his new goal and graduated the Culinary Institute of America.

Fresh out of school, he is eager to begin work at the restaurant owned by a good friend of his father's, a restaurant well known for the beautiful, innovative meals its chefs create. He is primed to join the ranks of those masterful chefs—until the day he starts, and learns that he is nothing more than kitchen lackey, lower in rank than even the dishwashers.

Worse, his boss is none other than Nik, the beautiful, infuriating, highly talented classmate that Alex could never best—or resist.

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Talya Andor is giving a signed, hard copy of Appetite to one lucky winner! The contest ends Oct. 6, 2013.

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