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Review and Blog Tour: Mate of the Alpha by Marie Mason

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Title: Mate of the Alpha by Marie Maso
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: October 14, 2013
Length: 31 pages

Rating: 3 Stars
Review Copy Provided by Author


Ethan Scott was reluctant to claim his mate, Lily Reynolds. He was afraid his carnal needs would be too much for the curvy innocent. His wolf was of another mind, pushing the man relentlessly to mate. But Ethan knew once he had the brown-haired beauty there would no turning back. He’d claim her, mate her, and bred her. When she’s attacked by a group of rouge wolves, Ethan fears he has left his claiming too late and will lose his mate forever. When he comes to her rescue, he discovers the spirited Lily is more than ready to be the mate of an alpha.

Lily Reynolds has been crushing on her boss since she started work at Wolfe Enterprises six months ago. She knew the chances of attracting the wolf into a long-term relationship were slim to none – slim being a state she hadn’t achieved since childhood. She loved her curves and knew there was someone out there who would love every soft, luscious inch of her voluptuous body. Heartbroken, she knew Ethan Scott wasn’t that man despite the hot and cold signals the wolf shifter had been given her for months.

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This is a baby novella about a hot alpha wolf shifter claiming his mate. Lily feels the attraction from Ethan but she is insecure with her body. When she is under a random attack from rogue shifters, Ethan comes to her rescue. This is a fast paced short story that will make you keep your eyes on the pages despite its short length.

The back story on Lily is consistent and builds up as the story progresses. In contrast, not much is known about Ethan. Also, I really want some secondary characters in this story to give another perspective on Lily and Ethan's characters. It seems like they are the only two people that exist in the world and it makes it hard to form an opinion and broaden the scope on the relationship.

There is no world-building. They work in an office and do boring tasks. I don't know the shifter structure, if there's any. He's the alpha but where's his pack? What does alpha mean in this world? It's implied that wolf shifters without mates get turned into rogue shifters, but I'm not sure and it's not clear in the story. If there's a sequel, this is a good place to build on.

Overall, it's a short, fast paced shifter story that has all the typical mates, alpha males, love at first sight, etc. themes that are common in this genre. If you like shifter romances, you should give this book a try.


In his mate, he sensed a reserve. There was a wariness within the depths of her pretty, brown eyes that spoke of something, he suspected, that had to do with a man. It made him angry to think anyone had ever hurt his mate. But knowing he’d have to overcome her natural resistance and some asshole’s past behavior was a challenge.

A sense of challenge in regards to a woman, especially a mate, was arousing as hell.

Thankfully, there wasn’t so much as a hint of feeling intimidated by him in her demeanor. Fate would not have given him a woman who would be cowered by his dominance. She would have given him a mate who completed him, who balanced the arrogance of his wolf.

There were other reasons for his reluctance to claim his mate. There was an air of such pure innocence surrounding Lily that it frightened him. He was a creature of the forest, an earthy, sexual being. He knew mating with him would expose her to his wolf’s – hell, the man’s – ferocious carnal appetite, the constant craving. The need to dominate her sexually. Of course, he would protect her and provide for her as no other male ever could. He was her mate, too. Designed to fulfill her needs and wants and desires. He just didn’t know if she was ready to be the mate of the alpha.

He smiled as he handed her the contracts. Slowly, sensuously, sending a silent message he hoped she was starting to understand. He wanted her and he was going to have her. She was careful not to touch his hand as she took the sheaf of papers. Noting her stealth to not so much as brush his fingers with her own, Ethan’s eyes danced with deviltry.

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  1. Great review Sin and you pointed out several concerns I also faced while reading this story..:)