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Review: For the Sake of the Kingdom by Julia Alaric

For the Sake of the Kingdom Title: For the Sake of the Kingdom by Julia Alaric
Series: Proud to be a Vampire
Genre: M/M Romance, Fantasy
Published October 23rd 2013 by Less Than Three Press LLC
Length: 94 pages

Rating: 3 Stars

Prince Erik's life is grand: his father has taken a new wife, a beautiful and sweet woman who charms all who meet her, the kingdom is prospering, and there is no shortage of men and women to keep his bed warm. If he wishes for the one person he cannot have, well, at least he's accepted it.

But then everything begins to change, a shroud falling slowly over the kingdom, darkness creeping in and leeching his father's life away. Strangest of all, the kingdom's artists all begin to create works along the same strange and frightening theme …

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3.5 Stars rounded to 3

The biggest strength is the plot. The story does not have a strong build up of romance. I don't see the chemistry between the MCs and I didn't connect with them. The plot is based on a fairy tale. Prince Erik's father remarries a beautiful women. As strange things happen with art works and the King's failing health, Erik beings to suspect his stepmother is not who she seems....

My biggest complaint is that the story is fairly predictable. I figured out the plot immediately and the story did not deviate from what I think will happen. The descriptions in the story can be more definite and make a bigger impact. For example, the minimalist and torture themes in the art works are meant to be alarming or mysterious and it is definitely impacting Erik, but as the reader, but I don't feel the creepiness.

I love the interesting ideas on vampires and the fairy tale style of the story. I love reading fairy tales and their happy endings. This book definitely has a happy end. The world-building isn't very complete. I'm left with more questions about the integral components of the two kingdoms. The history between the kingdoms is not explained beyond stating a war and a treaty. However, the rift between the kingdoms is important to the arrival of vampires into a human kingdom. I do like the unique take on vampires and how vampirism affects their livelihood.

Overall, this is great retelling of a fairy tale with vampires and it has no explicit content. It tells a great story about a prince taking up his responsibilities to his kingdom and defeating his nightmare.

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