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Review: The Kraken Lord and the Eater of the Sun by E.E. Ottoman

The Kraken Lord and the Eater of the Sun Title: The Kraken Lord and the Eater of the Sun by E.E. Ottoman
Series: The Bestiary
Genre: M/M Romance, Fantasy
Published November 7th 2012 by Less Than Three Press LLC
Length: 94 pages

Rating: 3 Stars


Egrill spends his day cloistered in his mountain home, unable to leave behind memories of the brutal war he fought and the lover he lost in the fight. But his peaceful solitude is interrupted by a strange creature that claims to be a mythical Kraken, and Egrill can't deny that he is certainly like nothing Egrill has ever encountered …

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The pacing is slow but it fits the general mood with Egrill. The story really deals with how Egrill overcome his grief and reenters the troll community through meeting with Dagr, the Kraken. Egrill lives like a hermit and even uses magic to create food rather than going out to the surface and collect food. He meets Dagr.

I like that neither of them fully knows the other person and it takes time and unexpected visits to know more of their secrets. The two big revelations on Dagr is too unexpected for me. There are no hints to clue the reader into Dagr's true character. Also, the scene where Egrill kills a witch, who committed grievous crimes, is out of the norm and almost for no reason. It all seems very confusing for me.

I really enjoy how the story goes into the troll culture. The worldbuilding is also wonderfully done in this book. Overall, I enjoyed reading the book and it's great book for fantasy fans. By the way, sorry for the disappointment if that happens, but there's no wild tentacle sex.

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