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Review: Training Cats by P.D. Singer

Training Cats Title: Training Cats by P.D. Singer
Series: Getting Better; On Call
Genre: M/M Romance, Contemporary
Published September 17th 2011 by Torquere Press
Length: 31 pages

Rating: 3 Stars


Close enough to touch, and still out of reach—Evan rings the PriceCo pharmacy register for Brent and keeps his thoughts about the pharmacist to himself. He dies a little inside every time he sees Brent with Tyler—why does Brent let that jerk treat him like dirt?

After one humiliation too many, Brent’s asking himself that same question. He has a better chance of teaching a cat to sit and stay than of convincing handsome, self-centered Tyler to be thoughtful. It’s time to be single again.

With the right bait, Evan can teach a cat to roll over or a man to see what’s before his eyes. He might need Kitty Noms, or a touch of kindness, a pinch of consideration, and a trail of M&Ms.

2nd edition, revised and expanded

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3.5 Stars rounded to 3

The book mainly focuses on how Brent accepts that Tyler is a lover that he cannot please and so Tyler is not the right boyfriend for him. Behind the scenes, Evan is watching this couple and waiting for his chance. He places a bet with himself and buys a pack of plain M&Ms to lure in Brent.

The change in scenes between Brent and Evan is not very clear and unexpected. The first time I read through it, I was confused on the new set of characters (Evan and his sister). However, after the the second read-through, the extra scenes really help to show Evan's story, his family, and where he's coming from.

The pacing is perfect is this story and I can't stop reading to find out how Brent breaks up with Tyler and ends up with Evan. The overall tone is light and fun, very similar to other books in the On Call series. Any book in this series would appeal to cat lovers. Although animals don't make a major contribution in this story, a new pet in the end of the book really connects Brent and Evan. Overall, it's a very sweet and cute short story.

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