Saturday, January 25, 2014

ARC Review: Of Last Resort by Megan Derr

Of Last Resort (Princes of the Blood #1)
Title: Of Last Resort by Megan Derr
Series: Princes of the Blood #1
Genre: M/M Romance, Fantasy, Romance
Expected Publication: 19 February, 2014 by LT3 Press
Word count: 73,000

Rating: 4 Stars
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In a kingdom ravaged by the beasts and terrors of an ancient war, the only hope against them is the army of mixed-blood beings known as the King's Legion: dragoons, shadowmarch, sorcerers, titans … and the Princes of the Blood, nigh-invincible warriors of fearsome magic and strength, their only weakness a need for pure human blood.

When his brother runs away, Raffé agrees to undergo the Blooding, but he is a pale imitation of his strong, capable brother. No one expects him to survive and become a Prince, merely to die to save the rest of his family and preserve honor.

But runaways and weaklings are the least of the kingdom’s concerns when an ancient evil returns with new tricks, and their only hope lies with knowledge long lost and a fierce bond forged in darkness ...

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3.5 stars rounded up to 4

This is another great fantasy story with amazing worldbuilding. In the story blurb, the "princes of the blood" sounds like vampires, but they are actually part demons. Their desire for blood and death makes them excellent killing machines on the battlefield in a war against creatures of the dark side.

Raffé becomes a prince to preserve his family's honor. During his last night as a human, he receives a night of pleasure from a mysterious person in the king's army. As he tries to discover his unknown lover, someone in the kingdom is raising the undead and breaking seals around the kingdom to release powerful, full-blooded demons that can end the world.

I love the story line and the complicated feelings involved with being in love. Raffé goes through a range of emotions from being in love with Cambord. Cambord is Raffé's first lover, but his identity is unknown. Later, when his identity is revealed, they cannot become lovers. After several near-death situations, love becomes more important and ultimately saved the world. During some parts of the story, however, the romance takes a back seat to the adventure and the need for the story line to progress.

I don't love the characters as much because I have a hard time connecting with them. These characters also seem out-of-character as the story progresses. When I compare Raffé and Cambord at the beginning to them at the end of the story, they seem like totally different people. Raffé's transition from a man who people belittled, to a demon warrior that people fear and respect, is shown and expressed. However, this is not done for Cambord. I have a hard time connecting with Cambord's character at the end. I don't know how he dealt with the lost of his alternate body forms when he lived with them for so many years. His adjustment period is lost between the last chapter and the epilogue.

As a side note, Raffé's wishes are ironic from the fact that how Raffé thought his future would be turns out totally opposite. Raffé wished for a husband to come home at the end of day so Raffé could greet him with a kiss. At the end of the story, though, Cambord ends up in an office while Raffé is the one who comes home to be greeted with a kiss.

The first book of the Princes of the Blood series is a complete, fantasy story with mythological creatures and a mission to save the world. It sets down promises for the next two books in the series that I can't wait to read.


  1. Pretty sure the title is actually "Of Last Resort" not "A Last Resort"...(See cover)

    1. Haha... Thank you for catching that. That was the phase used in the book and I guess it stuck with me after reading. This is great m/m, fantasy, romance book, I hope you check it out!