Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review: The Lightning Moon by Sylvia A. Winters

The Lightning Moon Title: The Lightning Moon by Sylvia A. Winters
Genre: M/M Romance, Paranormal
Published: January 8th 2014 by Less Than Three Press LLC
Word count: 31,000

Rating: 3 Stars
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Arrow enjoys his job—more or less. It pays well, lets him travel freely, and puts his rather unique skill set to good use. But when he finds a letter addressed to the most recent man he's been hired to track down, he begins to wonder if what he's got is what he really wants.

Quinn has mostly resigned himself to a lonely life and instead puts his focus on assisting the unusual clientele of the Crystal Moon Emporium, a shop catering exclusively for witches. It's a life, if not much of one, and he's getting by. Then a handsome stranger walks through the door, and Quinn starts to feel that maybe just 'getting by' is no longer enough.

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3.5 stars rounded to 3

Quinn's brother elopes with a werewolf's fiancee. The werewolf hires Arrow to retrieve his wayward bride in time for the wedding. Arrow tracks the couple by using Quinn's letter to his brother. Reading the letter, Arrow wants to know more about Quinn beyond his professional duty. When Arrow finally finds the couple, can he disregard Quinn's feelings to complete his job?

I love how the author used the letter Quinn wrote for his brother and slowly revealed more of its content as the story progresses. It is also a great way to show how Arrow falls more in love with Quinn. That letter becomes a grounding point for Arrow when he decides whether he is in love with its writer.

On the other hand, Arrow's character seems flat to me. He went through a big emotional change: from a cold blooded, emotionless kidnapper to someone capable of love. His emotions are not loud enough to transcend beyond the pages and to help me connect with the character

The romance is set at an easy pace and it's cute to read about Arrow and Quinn's dates. It's very believable and these MCs are very well-suited for each other. They also don't fall in love at first sight. Overall, this is a very romantic paranormal story with good worldbuilding. 

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