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Review, Giveaway, Tour: Her Lovestruck Lord by Scarlett Scott

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Title: Her Lovestruck Lord by Scarlett Scott
Genre: Erotic Historical Romance
Publication Date: November 22, 2013
Length: 199 pages

Rating: 4 Stars
Review Copy provided by author

Book two in the Wicked Husbands series.

Abandoned by her husband on their wedding night, Maggie, the Marchioness of Sandhurst, longs for a raging passion to free her from her lonely life. A devastatingly handsome stranger at a masque ball promises just the sort of distraction she craves. But after a night of scorching lovemaking, she wakes to find him gone.

Simon, the Marquis of Sandhurst, is horrified to discover the masked siren he bedded is his wife, a woman he vowed to never touch. He shouldn’t want Maggie, but can’t resist her now that she’s been in his arms. As the truth unravels, husband and wife are estranged no longer, spending their days and nights exploring the desire burning hot between them. But when Simon’s past comes back to haunt them both, their newfound happiness could be forever dashed.

A Romantica® historical erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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His fingers unerringly found the buttons on her bodice. He tore open several more before hegrew tired of the lengthy process and began tearing.

“Sandhurst,” Maggie protested, her hands staying his, “this is a very expensive gown.”

For a spoiled American heiress, she was certainly cautious. He frowned at her, his cock raging to be inside her. “Call me by my given name.”

She worried her lower lip, looking utterly adorable. He wanted to tear her gown from her in shreds and carry her nude to her bed. “I’ve forgotten what it is.”

Christ. She didn’t know his name. He supposed he couldn’t fault her. They’d been strangers for the entirety of their union, but somehow he had never forgotten hers. “Simon.” His hands seized the separation in her bodice and yanked, successfully rending the remaining buttons from their moorings. Several of them popped to the floor. He pushed the fabric down over her shoulders and she shucked it even as her expression became pinched.

“You are a dress murderer,” she murmured. “First my train and now my bodice.”

Yes, when she put it that way, it quite seemed he was bent upon destroying her wardrobe. But the truth of it was that her wardrobe was merely an innocent barrier keeping him from what he wanted. Her.

“Apologies,” he said with patent insincerity. “Your dresses have too damn many buttons.”
Adina Falling


3.5 stars rounded to 4

The story starts out very typical. Maggie is reunited with her wayward husband, Simon, at a party under the circumstances that they did not know each other's identities. They are unwilling to part after their intense lovemaking, so they agree to behave like proper husband and wife for the duration of one month. 

The interesting parts of the story starts here. Maggie moves in with Simon and lives in the same house. They have to tolerate each other's quirks and get each other to open up about their past. More drama arrives when Simon's old flame suddenly shows up on their doorstep. Maggie is insecure when facing the woman who Simon originally left Maggie for. Will their new romance be enough to withstand the ex's intrusion to their lives?

During the first part of the book, Maggie goes to a party to look for a night of pleasure and finds her husband. She is a woman who first experiences pleasure from her husband and wants to continue their relationship. Her character is a clone of other female protagonists in this genre. Later, at Simon's residence, she has more personality and becomes an unique individual through multiple challenges. This is also where her relationship with Simon has love and romance instead of just erotic pleasure. 

Simon is a douche bag who's possessive, insecure, wary of life after playing the society games, and only has sex on his mind. In the face of challenges to his and Maggie's relationship, he is the first to break down and start drinking. Maggie is the only one holding up his sanity. 

Overall, this is a great erotic, historical romance story. Despite the generic characters in the beginning, the story grows to be something more unique and interesting. 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Award-winning author Scarlett Scott writes contemporary and historical romance with heat,heart and happily ever afters. Having graduated from swiping her older sister's romance novels to read in secret, she now crafts love stories of her own with a good dose of sizzle and an equal amount of humor. She lives in the Pennsylvania countryside with her Canadian husband and is a proud mom to their adorable but occasionally evil dog with a penchant for eating everything he shouldn't.

LINKS: Website, Twitter: @scarscoromance, BlogFacebook,Pinterest


Scarlett will be awarding a $20 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour, and a Kindle copy of A Mad Passion to a randomly drawn host.

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